Alex Wilson (angramainyu) wrote,
Alex Wilson

Phew... what a tiring evening... poor Lizzie didn't sleep much during the day apparently, and this evening got rather cranky (the "I'm really tired so I'll scream and get myself too worked up to sleep" cycle is a nasty one). She finally exhausted herself around 11:30, and is currently snoring away while in her car seat right beside me. We'll need to wake her up for a feed shortly, hopefully she'll go right back to sleep.

Picture from Sunday's shoot with Jo:

Despite poor Lizzie, I got a decent amount of "quick" editing done tonight -- I've been trying to play around a bit more with Adobe Lightroom, and I really do love it. The latest beta is smoother and faster than the last release, and wow, does is make mass simple processing easy and fast.

On my to-do list for this week is to come up with my image selection for the London "That Figures!" show in February at The Arts Project. I'm open to suggestions, so if you have a favourite image that you think I really should show, please let me know. The theme is figure, though, so that does limit selection, obviously. I've got a few ideas of my own, but haven't settled on anything yet. I was hoping to put together a few possible sets (I've got 8 feet of space) for feedback tonight, but hopefully I'll have time tomorrow. I'd also been hoping to get some more work done in the past few weeks on painting #2, as that might be a possibility, but that hasn't happened either.
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