Alex Wilson (angramainyu) wrote,
Alex Wilson

My interview with "thenudeinsider" got posted: linkie (very NSFW page) (scroll down a screen or two for the interview)

Studio news: They've been doing construction up on the third floor since December-ish, putting up framing for lots of new units in the big open space. That kinda sucked, since it was nice to have such convenient access to that area for those "urban decay" shots and that long wall of windows, but I was originally hopeful that new tenants would also mean the place would be a little cleaner. Adam (one of the guys I share the studio with) was talking to one of the builders, though, and apparently they are just doing the construction in order to meet fire code. It doesn't sound like they are really looking for new tenants, so the place may not end up much cleaner in the end. We'll see.

Geekery: My newest love is 4-fold webfu combo: + Firefox + Foxylicious + Launchy.
(actually, there's an optional fifth component, a extension for Firefox, but that's not required for the combo).

I really love this since I can bookmark stuff at home or work, and everything stays synced up.
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