Alex Wilson (angramainyu) wrote,
Alex Wilson

I actually did pretty well on my to-do list -- only got through half the pictures, but I'm quite happy about them. Adobe Lightroom is really fantastic for editing shots from the studio setup, I'm a total convert -- but it does grind the old lappy when exporting (I went to bed around 3am, it probably had about an hour to go on the 100 pictures left to export).

More of the gorgeous syntheticdaisy from Saturday:

(I do love this one, but try not to think of it being some reverse-angle thing. Or if I mention it, is it too late?)

I did delve into the web gallery thing a bit. I still haven't found anything that does what I want, but I found a couple options that are a bit lighter-weight than Gallery or Coppermine (both of which seem like massive overkill) that I may be able to customise. Gonna start with zenphoto and see if it goes anywhere.
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