Alex Wilson (angramainyu) wrote,
Alex Wilson

I Live!

Yes, I am indeed still alive. Aside from some occasional insta-replies on Facebook the past few weeks, I've been a bad imaginary friend. I suck!

Life has been super busy, in a nutshell:
-Lizzie (who is super awesome, but keeps us very busy)
-My sister's wedding
-Crazy busy at work
-Playing Eve
-Birthday (thanks to all for the nice wishes!)
-Lots of shoots for Gemini
-Broken laptop
-Setting up new laptop

Anywho, I hope to be getting back to being a more responsible netizen soon. I've got two more weeks of until my three week vacation starts. I've still got a bit of an editing backlog to catch up on, but I'm going to try harder to update here. I apologise for sucking.
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