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Pax Vobis Memento Mori Qui Ludentis Pilla

Alex Wilson
1 June
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My passion is art photography. There's much more information about my photography on my website. I often post new works on this journal, as well as other stuff that may or may not be related to photography. Photographs will include some figure work, but I do lj-cut nudes and massive picture posts for those at work or on slow connections.

If you are interested at all in my photography or my ramblings, please feel free to add me so that you can keep updated. Some people are really particular about who is on their friend list, and who adds them: I'm not, as the friend list is the only good way to keep track of those journals I want to read, and I'll use the filters if there's any really personal stuff I'd post. And I'm always happy to find new an interesting people out in the aether.

I'm always looking for models in southern Ontario, if you think you might be interested, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Pictures in my LJ are ones I've taken (and generally not of me, just by me). Please do not repost/reuse/recycle images without permission.